Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advocate?
An advocate is a person who speaks or writes in support of, on behalf of, or in defense of another person or cause. I do all of this for children with autism and their families. In order to get my clients the services and supports they need, I speak or write to special education TEAMS, teachers, school therapists, school administrators, private evaluators and private providers, health insurers, as well as non-profit and private agencies.

How does your practice work?
After you contact me, we will discuss your issue briefly. Both of us will decide whether I am the right person to help you. If so, we will sign a contract that explains the extent of my services and the way my practice is run. You will provide me with your children's educational records for a careful review. I will need to speak to you again to determine specific details and set goals. I will provide feedback on the case and suggest avenues for action, indicating how I could help. We will roll up our sleeves and start working.

What, exactly, do you do?
With your permission, I will review your child’s records, attend IEP and team meetings, help you negotiate your child's IEP and conduct program observations. I will suggest additional goals and services, and will advocate to include them into your child’s IEP. I will work to make sure that all the interventions are well-coordinated and your child’s progress is adequately monitored. If needed, I will refer to qualified private providers to round out your child’s team. Alternatively, I can also stay in the background and provide record review, consultation, review your correspondence with the school, provide information about the special education law as it applies to your case, etc. As your needs change, my involvement can change as well.

Do you advocate for children with disabilities other than autism?
Yes, I do. I choose to focus my practice on children with autism, but I have experience with a number of other disabilities and special needs.

Do you work with private schools?
Yes, I do. Private schools have a much more limited legal mandate to accommodate students with special needs as compared to public schools. Nevertheless, it is possible to create effective supports for children with special needs in private schools. Additionally, if desired, it is possible to use the public school mandate to meet some of the child’s needs. I also work with Chapter 766 private schools into which my clients might be placed by their districts.

Are your services confidential?
Yes. I will not communicate with anyone about your case without your written permission.

Are you an attorney?
I am not an attorney. If your case requires an involvement of a special education attorney, I can suggest a referral. I can also work in consultation with an attorney to make helpful procedural steps to prepare your case for legal process, if it becomes necessary.

Have a Question?

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail, phone or using the form.

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