photo of Yulika Forman, PhD

Hello, and welcome to my page. You have likely come here looking for an advocate, someone to help you make sure that your child with special needs gets the necessary services and supports, and makes the most progress possible. Your thinking is correct -- research shows that advocacy contributes to better educational and therapeutic services, which, in turn, lead to better outcomes.

In my practice, I help families by providing expertise in special education laws and procedures, clarifying their children’s strengths and needs, putting in place appropriate educational programs and closely monitoring progress. I advocate for changes and additional resources/interventions as necessary. 

It is vital for each child to receive the best possible special education and intervention. When that happens, both the child and the family can feel the difference. This difference is not only in here and now. The progress made today lays groundwork for the child’s future.

Please look through my website to learn more about me, my practice and my contacts and to explore how I can help your child and your family.  Please feel free to join my Facebook page and Twitter feed to receive information on autism-related events, new important studies and resources.

Advocacy = Better Outcomes

Parents called me when their fourth-grader with high-functioning autism and non-verbal learning disability was found ineligible for special education/IEP at his three-year re-evaluation. She was referred for 504.

Achieved: The student was found eligible for special education. Her IEP was greatly expanded to include a broader variety of supports and services to serve his unique needs.

  Parents called me when their third grader with a language-based disability started to refuse going to school. He had meltdowns in the morning, was upset at school, and felt like he as "the slowest kid in the class." 

Achieved: As a result of my involvement, the student was placed in a language-based classroom with specialized instruction and supported inclusion for electives. He thrived in the program, and attended school happily.

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